Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cracked - Youtube Movie Maker Platinum - Free And Easy To Create YouTube Movie

Youtube Movie Maker  brings you a very simple user interface, but what it have for you to work with is not simple as said before.  

Let 's see what this software  can do:

Edit/Make 2D/3D Movie


Add texts, titles, credits and logo


Add transitions, particle, mask and special effects



Add Motion Effect


Mix multiple videos
(PIP Effect)

Add/Mix multiple
audios, musics, sounds, voices



 Video Chroma key green screen


Lyrics Video Maker Karaoke Video Maker


And more than 10 interesting feature ....

you can check at the sale page:

For some people who can afford to buy this directly from official sale page this article may not be written for you, so my  purpose here is to share you who do not have enough money for buying it or some of you do not want to spend money on purpose of just trying to get experience, then this blog may be helpful for you.

I''m sure you will love it at the first time use :)) believe me!



Instruction For Installation 

  1. - Dissable the internetconnection.
  2. - install the YouTube Movie Maker.
  3. - do not start the software.
  4. - Coppy all the files in Crack Folder and paste them to C:\Program Files (x86)\Youtube Movie Maker"
  5. - Start the program
  6. - if software requires accounts for it you can type any keyword you want.

Enjoy it! 

Download softare: - Link Mediafire

                                   - Google Drive ( updating) 


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